Wow! Now that’s what I call snow! Haven’t seen that much in many years here in Nashville.

Some plants like Southern Magnolias, Arborvitaes, and Sky Pencil Hollies sustained broken branches and possible disfigurement from the snow pulling the branches apart. I was shocked to see what looked like a massive pruning effort around town of our beautiful Magnolia trees – branches scattered around the driplines as if placed there for the chipper trucks! Even native Cedar trees were unprepared for the amount of snow we sustained.

I’ve had several people ask how to handle plants that become covered with snow and start bending under its weight. If this should happen again I suggest taking a long stick or broom and gently knocking the snow off of trees and shrubs that start to bend over. You may have to repeat this process if the snow continues for an extended period of time.


If we get our usualIMG_3137 mix of ice and then snow this process will possibly break the branches instead of relieving them so I would not recommend it. Or you can try it while being extremely careful (a whisk broom might work). In that situation I personally will be enjoying a mug of something warm by a nice fire inside and not worrying too much about my plants. If any of them are irreparably damaged by the winter weather then I get a chance to try something new in the spring.

Snowy Sedum


Be safe out there and enjoy the sunny days we have mixed in with the gray ones!