Harvest Time!

The vegetable garden is finishing up for me now. I am harvesting Pumpkins and Butternut Squashes, Green Onions and Peppers. The Dill has seeded itself everywhere but in the bed! And the Kale is finally recovering from the cabbage butterfly attack of the summer. I have realized that if I leave the skeletonized stalks in the beds, they will leaf back out with viable, edible green leaves. I will try a lightweight row cover next summer as a physical barrier to these butterflies that lay their eggs on my brassicas.

I am continuing to dig up a new garden area that will house pink, yellow and purple flowers in a meadow style with a sitting area in the middle. A mole has enjoyed this space in my yard and has basically destroyed the grass while tunneling along looking for grubs to eat. I am hopeful that the grubs will soon be gobbled up and the mole will leave. I have lots of plants available from other areas in my gardens to populate this meadow. Joe Pye Weed, Pinks, Pale Coneflower, Tennessee Coneflower, and Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’. The bed is anchored already by two trios of Arborvitae at either end and a small Burr Oak in the middle. The Burr Oak will have interesting acorns with a fringy “hat” when it gets bigger. It may get a severe pruning in the spring to help keep it smaller in this space. And then it may have to go when it gets too big. I like it’s crazy branching and big leaves for now.

Enjoy the harvest!