Can you believe the lack of rain? After that beautiful, long, wet spring and summer we have hit a wall. No rain for weeks!

Remember to water any new plants several times a week. And also remember the trees in your yard. Even older trees need a drink of water every so often to stay healthy until they go dormant. Give them a good long soaking with a hose or sprinkler every week or two. Hopefully they will still give us a good showy colorful fall!

The birds will also appreciate a place to get a drink and take a bath. The fountain in our back yard is attracting all kinds of birds – sometimes 10 and 12 species at a time! Even a saucer of water will help the creatures in your yard make it through this very dry time. One of my clients has a fountain that has attracted a fox and a hawk as well as the usual songbirds! You just never know what might show up to take advantage of water!

It’s time to trade out your summer annuals for fall pansies and ornamental kale if you can stand the thought of watering almost every day. The selection of plants will be abundant, so you can pick your color combinations with ease.

Keep watering!